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" Pit Bull " is NOT a breed it is a generic term used to describe dogs with similar traits and characteristic often known to the public as Pit Bulls.  There are many dogs who fall into this category.  The head shape, size or body size. 

American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier and mixes thereof.

Pit Bull -type dogs are not just any other dog. They are amazing dogs and owning them can take someone with experience.  If you want to get a dog labeled a Pit Bull be ready to start the positive reinforcement training.

Pit Bulls are very playful and respond well to training. When they are young, they can be very rambunctious until they mature.  With my experience by age three they have reached maturity. But like I have always said each dog is different and they are each individual.

Pit Bulls are strong, energetic, agile and powerful dogs.  They are very determined to please and are easy to train. Determination is a strong trait, when they set out to do something they put everything into it.  They do not give up easily.  

They are not for everyone so please be ready to train. They do require positive training and exercise.  Pit Bulls are people friendly.  They will make you laugh; they can be quiet the clowns.

Speaking from experience I have found each one to be different.  My life with them, I have found them to love cuddles and some of them think they are lap dogs.

These dogs need to be in the correct hands of those who care about them and will give them positive reinforcement training. 

I advise against going to dog parks because if anything does happen and your dog is involved someone will try to blame your dog the Pit Bull - Type dog. 

As the owner of a Pit Bull - Type dog you should care about your dog and any dog labeled a Pit Bull.  It only takes one bad incident to cause a problem for every dog and owner in the community.  

Supervise your dog outside at all times. They can be escaping artist and yes, they can jump fences six foot and higher. Not only are you making sure they are not jumping the fence, but they are safe, and you know they are free from harm's way. 

All breeds of puppies should be with their mother for the first twelve weeks, this is the critical socialization time in their lives a time they need and will never get back. 

You as an owner need to be on top of things and be better than the rest. Make sure you are training your dog and keep repeating training. It is called maintenance, and you will be proud you kept up the training.  A well-trained dog can become an ambassador.

If you feel you need help with training, there is nothing wrong with finding an experienced certified dog trainer.


Being a good responsible owner is what the dogs need. So let us all be a voice for them.  

These dogs are amazing dogs and when they are being handled correctly, they are a joy to have in the home.


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