The Year 1835

I hope that year got a lot of people's attention. Do you know from what I have read that dogfighting was banned in that year. We are living in 2018 and yet we read articles of BAD PEOPLE making BAD CHOICES. Yes it is a crime to be fighting dogs. Are the people really poor and desperate ? NO There are people from all walks of life making bad choices but I think making a dog fight against another dog should not be a choice for anyone. At least it should not be by the year we are living in. I am disgusted when I read a bust has happened and there is hundreds of dogs. These dogs are on heavy chains, scarred, starved and abused. Then people see these stories in the news and those people who are

That One Question, What Do I Do?

As I have wrote before I am not certified in training or behavioral . I am only an experienced person with close to thirty years experience. I have been asked over the years about situations with a dog or dogs. Just recently I was asked about dog and what to do? It was brought to my attention that another dog had attacked a dog through the fence and almost ripped the ones dogs nose off. The dog who was injured had to received medical care. I learned the dog was very young of age a puppy around five months old. This other dog had actually killed his owner brother. This just makes me sick!!! Because I later find out the owner is a NOT A WINNER!! I asked more questions, as to how long ago this

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