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Dog Bite Prevention Tips:

Some dogs do not like hugs and kisses on the face. Kids need to be taught to scratch the dog on the chest or the side of the neck. Hugging a dog or face to face contact are common causes of bites to the face. It is better to be safe than sorry.  Lets all be Adults and help the kids and dogs out. Its a team effort to bring down dog bites.

What To Do If A Strange Dog Approaches :

Teach kids to be a tree.  This also works for Adults.  Being a tree and standing still can help kids and adults. So the next time you are approached by a strange dog and feel uncomfortable.  It helps to be like a tree and stand still, look to your feet.  Adults can teach kids be like a tree and look to your roots (feet).  This is also a good tip for when the family dog is just being to feisty and acting out (aggressively.)

Never Tease A Dog:

Teach kids to never disturb a dog that is guarding something, sleeping or eating. We as adults are very responsible .

SUPERVISE for so many years I have repeated this over and over. It is our responsibility as adults to observe interactions between dogs and toddlers and children too.  It is just like in the medical field its a Universal rule, never assume anyone is a safe person.  Its a safety precaution with interactions with dogs also. Never assume that adog will never bite.  If a toddler wants to pet a dog then hold it by the collar. Be there for the dog and the toddler. Toddlers are also just in a learning stage.  Lets all do our best for the kids out there and our canine friends.


Obedience classes are important when positive-reinforcement is used. If you have a puppy please get on this. Puppies should be with their mothers up to that twelve weeks of age. You may ask why? It is the most Critical Stages of Socialization.  With my experience with dogs, I have always used Positive Training. I would never suggest to shake, pin, choke or hold a dog down.  Children should never be allowed to punish the dog. We as adults need to create a positive environment . Condition the dog to enjoy the presence and actions of children through positive experiences.


Spay or Neuter your dog. Talk to your Veterinarian about this. If you do not want unexpected litters and the responsibility of finding good homes for the puppies. If you have a litter of puppies, you need to be responsible. A new litter of puppies is in your hands. You should be doing a thorough background check on the people who want a puppy. Ask for reference checks from friends or a Veterinarian. This new litter is your responsibility .


Once again I bring up supervise the dog. If you are reading this then you are educated enough to a reading level and comprehending what I am saying.  Supervise around children and if the dog is not liking the child or children around put the dog away. It is not worth the risk of a bite, so please supervise. Never leave your dog outside alone, you need to be there too. Some people do really stupid things and put their hands over a fence. Some stories I have read about people stealing dogs right off the property. I have always said for years, protect what you love.

I will continue to bring in tips for Dog Bite Prevention. 

If you have any questions or just want to contact me.  Please email me at 

Mecca Curtice, CCDT   

President, Founder 

Mecca's Pit Bull Rescue , 501 (c) 3 

EIN 27-4528168

Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Certified Dog Bite Prevention Educator

                                  Dog Bites Are Preventable!


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