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We also have a training program available. The training program is very Science-Based.

If you are interested in the training program it is $60.00 each hour.  This is for basic obedience training. 

The great thing is!! The money goes back into rescue, to help more dogs. 


This program started in 2018 to help Pit Bull-Type dogs become better dogs.

Our goal is to get you and your dog on the correct path.

                                            No Flexy Leashes

                                            No Choke Chains

                                            No Prong Collars



                                         What motivates your dog?

I use training equipment that is designed for your dog's safety in mind. 

Fabulous things happen when a dog gets it right. Fun, toys, food whatever the dogs want suddenly appears.  I am always aware if a dog is feeling uncomfortable in training.  If a dog is showing signs of being uncomfortable, I will reassess to what they are doing to create the most empowering learning environment.  I will help you determine what is the most suitable reinforcement for your dog and what they like.


There is paperwork that must be filled out and the first consultation is free. This training program is to focus on the training needs of your dog. You are involved with this training too. These are private lessons focused on you and your dog. (In home and into real life outside). 

If you live outside of the Sheboygan County, Wisconsin then I must add in mileage.


If you are interested in training your dog through this program, please contact Mecca Curtice at

Helping to set up for that new puppy coming home. Yes, there is a list of things needed when getting a new puppy.

Only you can be a voice for your dog. Please help your dog become at its best.


                                                   Contact me today!  


    " If you think it is expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur."

                                                                                                                               Red Adair 





Training Videos

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