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  • Mecca Curtice

Dogs Do Bring People Together

I really do believe dogs bring people together. Dogs are cute and love to take adventures with their owners. My Husband and I have three wonderful dogs. We love them very much and do what we can to protect them from harms way.

We met years ago when I had an event going to help raise a little extra money to help with the dogs in rescue. I just knew this guys first name and he had bought a T Shirt to help out.

Never did I think this man would want to marry me later.

I can remember our first date and he held the popcorn all night and being just a gentleman .

Neither one of us had any intentions at all . We just went out to watch a movie to get out.

Then I remember he asked me to come over and meet his dog Triton. I was so ready to meet his dog. Triton was met by me when I entered into his home. Triton this handsome boy and labeled a Pit Bull. We believe he is an American Pitbull Terrier or American Staffordshire Terrier and most likely a mix. I was greeted and not one bad thing happened. I let him smell me and I sat down and we connected. That dog has bonded with me now and it is a very strong bond.

Because we do our best at knowing our dogs. We know each of our dogs is different and they all have likes and dislikes. That is why it is so important to know what a dog can handle.

Training and Socializing are very important to help a dog live a good life.

Let them be a part of the family!

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