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A Cry From The Pit Bull

There were six of us puppies born two girls and four boys. The breeder put us up for sale cheap and we all went quickly. He did not check to see what kind of people was getting us. In the hands of the devil we all went. It was one big night, I knew it was time to fight. My owner got me all ready, I did not want to fight. Tonight I would be fighting all my brother's and my two sisters. I headed down the tunnel with scars on my face, scarred for life and my owner doesn't care. Why does he make me do this? Why can't someone help me? The stench of blood I can smell. The walls are covered in blood from the battles, from the night before. I wish I had a better owner, I really don't want to fight. I played with all my brother's and sister's we use to have a good time. Well here we go I hear my sister crying, while my brother chokes her down. The owner's are pushing them to go even harder, I think my sister is dead, she is not responding, I know my brother did not want to do that. What are they doing with my sister? They are dumping her in a bin! Why can't someone help us? I don't want to do this. It is my turn now, my handler is getting me into my brother's face. I know if I don't fight I will be killed. I don't want to fight my brother, he has already won a fight. Can someone please help us? Get us out of this fight. I go into my tired brother who has already been fought. We fight like the human wants us to until we drop. Blood is every where my sister's blood, my brother's blood and mine. One more of us will die tonight because one of us did not put up a good enough fight. My owner is walking me out, bang I hear the echo of a gun go off splitting the silence of the night. One more brother is dead, one by one we will all be dead. All because the human pushes us to fight for money. Will this ever end? I am scarred for life, maybe I should run away. Maybe somebody will help me and be a voice for me someday. To end the dog fighting and ruining our lives. There has to be a better place. Will you humans please put a stop to the dog fighting before it ends our lives?

I wrote this as I would view through the eyes of dog put up to fight. My voice to end dog fighting across the United States of America.

Author: Mecca Curtice

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