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  • Mecca Curtice


For many years I have taken the time to read the news articles of the negative they put out. One negative report can be repeated many times over the media. One dog attack will spread like wildfire. Many times consumers will buy a paper for whatever reason something attracts them to the negative news. I have also taken the time to find wonderful great stories about dogs labeled Pit Bulls. I try to keep balance between my life.

I took the time to ask if anyone was a hater or just skeptical of the dogs labeled Pit Bulls. I found some were just very skeptical of them thanks to the Media and what they have heard.

Mary Reetz, WI. wrote... She was skeptical of what news and of what people portrayed them in her head. She met plenty over the years that showed her that her thoughts were ridiculous.

Jason Curtice, WI. He was a hater of Pit Bulls because of growing up in the Ghettos in Milwaukee, WI. He seen stupid owners doing dumb things to their dogs. Like making the Pit Bull chew trees, using it for status, he did not like the persona they were giving off. What made him change his mind? Knowing they are very abused, discriminated and used for dog fighting and stupidity. He seen they are better and learned they are better than what he seen and heard. Today he is a very proud owner and knows the negative stories and what he sees needs to end. He blames much of the negative on wrongful training.

Being the owner of a dogs labeled Pit Bull we all need to be at our best. What do I mean at being at our best? It all boils down to Socialize, Train and Educate. If you get a dog and it is a puppy that little one has a clean slate. Get that puppy out and get it Socialized . Let it meet other people and other dogs. Let it be around noises and other surroundings. When you have a dog that is older they do have a background and you never know what they have been through. Now is the time to be very observant when the dog is around people, children and other sounds and children . I have many years of experience with this type of dog. I know personally these dogs do not deserve the hate towards them. I have never just had one of them but a pack and I would never change that.

We people who own these types of dogs need to be at our very best and the dogs need to be at their very best. Incidents with children do not need to happen. We are adults and we all know any dog can bite. We all must observe interactions between children and dogs. It does not matter what breed of dog it is.

Let us all be a voice for the dogs labeled Pit Bulls and help them become a positive in the news. These dogs do have the ability to be Therapy and Service Dogs. Police are now using them for Drug Detection Dogs. I know we all can make a difference for them.

Its not the Dog or a Breed it all boils down to us as owners. What do we want to see good come out of our dog or dogs?

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