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  • Mecca Curtice

The Year 1835

I hope that year got a lot of people's attention. Do you know from what I have read that dogfighting was banned in that year. We are living in 2018 and yet we read articles of BAD PEOPLE making BAD CHOICES.

Yes it is a crime to be fighting dogs. Are the people really poor and desperate ? NO

There are people from all walks of life making bad choices but I think making a dog fight against another dog should not be a choice for anyone. At least it should not be by the year we are living in. I am disgusted when I read a bust has happened and there is hundreds of dogs. These dogs are on heavy chains, scarred, starved and abused.

Then people see these stories in the news and those people who are negative against Pit Bulls think that is really what they are for.

For anyone reading this and thinks the dogs started off as fighting dogs. I want you to go way back in history when they were used for Bull Baiting. Way back around 1830 and before.

Only selected ones were chose to be used in dogfighting and our past history shows that dogs were crossbred for purposes of dogfighting by people.

These dogs were NEVER given a choice!! They cannot help what some humans did.

We people must work hard to change what others have done.

I know from experience that these dogs today can be very loyal, gentle and loving dogs.

They are strong dogs and that is why I encourage everyone to use positive training and be their best friend. Help them and protect them. Do not leave them alone outside. There are evil people just waiting to hurt them. They can be stolen or they could be poisoned. There is way to much hate and misunderstanding about these dogs.

I read a lot and sometimes its good and sometimes its bad. But I always ask myself questions when I hear of a tragedy. If a dog has attacked someone. Why was the dog loose? Was the dog ever socialized? WHY WERE THE PEOPLE IN PANIC??? Because its a Pit Bull and people who hear negative are going to believe it.

We must do everything we can to help these dogs. We must stand strong and we must socialize our dogs. I do not mean by taking it to a dog park. I mean by walking the dog on a leash, let that dog hear noises, let the dog meet people. BE LOGICAL!! If you are unsure how your dog the Pit Bull is going to be around another dog. Be observant and be aware.

If you need help with positive training then please contact a positive trainer.

Come on people!! Dogfighting is illegal!! It can be organized underground or it can be street. If you see it get it reported!! Call your local authorities for help.

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