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You Have A Pit Bull-Type Dog

Any breed of dog comes with responsibility . But I know if you are the owner of a dog labeled a Pit Bull - Type Dog you will face some hateful people out there.

I know your what your thinking. How can she know this? I have and sometimes it best to remain as professional as possible. Set yourself at a higher standard. There really are some people out there who just love to argue and make hateful comments. Do not get caught up in the negativity of it all.

I honestly hate using the general term Pit Bull because my dogs are American Staffordshire Terriers and American Pit Bull Terrier/ Mixes. They are rescued and I have thought seriously about doing DNA test on each of them. One of them could have American Bulldog in them.

My rescue is named Mecca's Pit Bull Rescue because people can relate to that. I have rescued wonderful dogs. Some of them American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers and some a mix thereof.

If this is your very first Pit Bull- Type Dog. I want you to promise yourself to be strong. Do not let haters get to you. These are tips for you and I cannot force them on anyone.

*If you rent, do not use the term Pit Bull. Your dog is American Staffordshire Terrier or mix thereof. Unless you know your dog is an American Pit Bull Terrier . Let your new Landlord meet your dog. If the Landlord agrees you can have the dog. Ask the Landlord in writing with signed copies of you both agree the dog is accepted for as long as you remain a tenant .Why do I say this? Because then you have proof to help you.

*Follow all the City Ordinance which would include the Leash Law and any other thing included in the Ordinance.

*SUPERVISE your dog at all times when outside. I know people have heard me for years talking about supervising the dog. If your dog or dogs is outside, get out there with them. Scan your yard for suspicious food particles. Get if thrown away in the garbage. You might be asking why? Well there are bad people out there that do very bad things to hurt dogs. I cannot tell you how many stories over the years of dogs being poisoned from picking up a bad food particle. Another one to make note on: Never leave them unattended outside even if your yard is fenced in. I have heard and read of people sticking their hands over the fence and receiving bites and then call the authorities. Now you will have a mess on your hands. So don't say no one warned you. Dog have been taken away because of incidents like this.

*Positive Training and I cannot say that enough. If you have a puppy get on that right now. A puppy has no past history but being a puppy. So now its your responsibility to do get on the correct path. Rescues dogs they do have a past and sometimes that is very unknown to us. This is a time when you really need and must want to know your dog. Sometimes dogs have fears and if you see something scares them. I want you to see out help. There is no shame in trying to help yourself and your dog. Do not trigger a bite!! If you know your dog is scared of a motorcycle take the dog away. If its a garbage truck then take the dog away from the situation. Never set your dog up for failure!! This dog is your responsibility, please seek out help. I loved rescued dogs and we must look through the eyes of our dog.

Pit Bull- Type dogs are wonderful and they can be a part of the family. With my thirty years experience. I can say I love them and we must continue to be at our very best. Please do not give up on your dog. Sometimes people give up too soon.

Be knowledgeable about the dogs. Do not let haters drag you to level of low. There will be someone out there you can help change their minds. If everyone of us can just make a difference one person to another. That is making a difference for all of us.

If you have any questions please contact me Mecca you are not alone.

Have a wonderful day!

Mecca Curtice, President

Mecca's Pit Bull Rescue

CDT in Progress

Promoting Dog Bite Prevention through Education

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