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You Can Make A Difference

Mecca's Pit Bull Rescue is a foster based rescue in Sheboygan, WI. This rescue believes in Pit Bull Terrier - Type dogs. There is a need for this rescue to grow so we can help more dogs. Your donations are greatly appreciated and we acknowledge those who step up to help this rescue.

Your donations help to provide food, veterinarian care, good treats of course for the dogs in training. Spay/Neuter is one of the highest cost this organization has currently for the year of 2019 and previous years.

Mecca Curtice, President/Founder of the rescue continues to do better for this rescue and the dogs by becoming a Certified Profession Dog Trainer. Every day the dogs receive training sessions and we want them to be at their best.

This rescue has a great team and we all own our Pit Bull Terrier- Type Dogs and we are all on board to help this rescue grow. These people like you make a difference.

The experience we have had with the dogs is amazing to see them open up and life comes into their eyes. The dogs love the training and it is has been a good experience for them.

Donors do help make a huge difference in dogs lives. One family was able to keep their dog home and not have to surrender it. They live on a tight budget and the dog needed to see the veterinarian .

The rescue has to turn dogs away because of space. Some of the dogs do need special attention and we want to help but without the space we have to say no. Our goal is to buy another place that would be suitable for the needs of this rescue. A building on the property big enough to do inside training and land for outside training. We want to do our best at giving these dogs a home atmosphere so they know what it is to cuddle up with a person and to be exposed to a good life. So many times dogs are dumped and never claimed. Those are the dogs who have that blank look in their eyes or just scared. Their lives do matter to us.

We appreciate even a little help and you will be making a huge difference in a dogs life now and into the future. We can't do it without you, no rescue can do it alone. Dogs are surrendered daily across the United States because of Behavioral Problems.

There is great things going on with this rescue and we are more than an intake. We help when help is needed. We want to see families keep their dogs home. Change can happen with motivation and positive is being added.

You can donate and know you are making a difference in dogs and peoples lives. If it is for a vaccination or training needs. We must continue moving forward saving lives and changing lives.

You can donate here

Help us to make 2019 a great year for dogs!

Mecca Curtice, President, Founder

Mecca's Pit Bull Rescue

Sheboygan, WI.

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