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One More Life Saved

Learning a dog's behavior is one of the first things I do by observing what the dog does and the interactions with the dog.

On September 1, 2019 we took a 2 1/2 hour drive one way to get a dog. The dog was suffering from stress being in a shelter environment.

I am a person who just loves taking pictures of dogs and scenery. Many times a camera can catch more than the human eye can catch, because the change is so very quick.

I did get the opportunity on this to catch different expressions and can show what a rescue can really be for a dog.

Midas in a shelter enviroment August 2019

When I seen his face I could just read his expressions. I knew I could help him by bringing him into rescue and getting the attention he deserves.

Midas 3 days into rescue

Midas looking more relaxed and we continue to show him he is going to be okay.

Just look at that cute face! Midas is so gentle and such a good dog.

Midas is a very interactive and social dog.

One more life saved and I believe he is a diamond in the rough. So many times dogs are overlooked.

Never overlook that one dog that seems different or possibly stressed. Environments do affect a dog and we can see better when we look through a dogs eyes. Understanding " How Dogs Think and Learn" .

Never judge a dog by its looks, get to know the dog and understand what is going on .

" A Voice for those, with No Voice, and No Choice"

Mecca's Pit Bull Rescue

© 2019 Mecca Curtice

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