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Be A Great Owner of a " Pit Bull" Terrier Type Dog

We live in a day and age where some people really do not know much about the dogs labeled " Pit Bull" and its not easy for every owner to find an area to live in. Some find it hard to just find a rental property to live in. This is very frustrating for people who know their dog is a well balanced dog. They understand they own a dog labeled " Pit Bull" they do their best to be that responsible owner.

Occasionally I get asked for help and many times even I am at a dead end of helping someone to find a rental property in a specific area. Owners like this genuinely care about their dog or they would just give up and surrender it to a shelter or rescue.

A person never knows when life can turn your life upside down and suddenly you are looking for a different job and that new job ends up in a different area. It is a reality and it can be very difficult for people.

The first thing I advice people to do it make sure the ordinance is acceptable in that area. Read that ordinance over really well before you even think of moving. This is very important because if you move without checking , you are setting your dog up for failure. Dogs cannot speak for themselves in matters like this. It is up to us as responsible owners to protect what we love.

Prepare a resume for your dog and be a positive support. If your dog has not received basic and advanced obedience training, now is the time to get it started. This is where your resume for you dog just might make that difference for you and your dog. Has your dog passed a CGC test? You may ask what is that? It is a Canine Good Citizen test and it can be done, this does take training and your dog must be able to do specific things to pass. You can find out more on that American Kennel Club. There are Certified Professional Dog Trainers out there that can help you with this.

You must be honest about your dog, if your dog is labeled " Pit Bull" get a DNA test done right away. When a landlord asks what kind of dog is this, you can then be very detailed about the dog. You can say my dog is a mix of American Staffordshire Terrier/Bull Mastiff mix or it could be a mix of more than that. Another example is my dog is a mix of Bulldog/American Staffordshire Terrier/ and a herding group. The point is to be open and honest as much as possible.

Now is the time you can ask if the landlord would like to meet your dog? This is your opporunity to show how great your dog really is. The opportunity to bring out that resume, keep this information in a binder. This is information on your dogs veterinarian care, get references from people you know your dog. Training certificates, awards and any ribbons earned. Get renters insurance that covers all breeds. Offer to pay extra on your dog each month.

Times can be very hard for people who really just want to find a place to live. Good people trying to move forward.

You can make a difference in your dogs life and your dog does depend on you to protect it. Surrendering should not be an option. Keep looking!

© 2019 Mecca's Pit Bull Rescue

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