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Reward Based Training with Your "Pit Bull" Terrier Type Dog

Training has come far and I have 30 years experience with dogs labeled " Pit Bull " Terrier type dogs. I can speak for them because I know understand these types of dog.

I am a Professional Dog Trainer and work with many different breeds of dogs. I handle 7 dogs labeled " Pit Bull" every day many are American Staffordshire Terrier/ mixes. As I continue to operate a 501 (c)(3) Nonprofit organization Mecca's Pit Bull Rescue, Sheboygan, WI. this gives me more experience with these types of dogs.

I hope someday other people see that these dogs are dogs like other breeds. I am old enough to remember when Dobermans, Rottweilers and German Shepherds were once feared.

I see people make comments about the " Pit Bull" when there is an incident. It appears as the media who has so much control over what they want to cover and does not care to do any better investigation on what really happened before the incident, makes it harder for those of us who do our best to be a responsible owner.

I am also a Certified Dog Bite Prevention Educator, because over the years I have become very aware of dog bites. Dogs of any breed can bite. It is common sense the larger the breed the bite will most likely be more damaging. Every bite incident has a history and unfortunately I get a call after the fact a bite has happened. I am doing my best to bring more awareness to the public that dog bites can be prevented.

Now back to Reward Based Training, I love it and it is very positive for any breed of dog. As a person who handles 7 "Pit Bull" Terrier type dogs a day and has several private training sessions with clients and their dogs, I see dogs progress.

The "Pit Bull" Terrier type dogs are no exception. These types of dogs are like other breeds and they too need Positive Reinforcement Training and they can succeed.

Aversive training tools can be very damaging to them. You may be asking yourself what is Aversive Training Tools? I am talking about choke chains, prong collars, shock collars and anything that does cause pain, which can lead to fear.

Many times people think that these types of tools are the answer and they are not. They can cause fear and you may ask what do I mean. I will give an example: You are walking your dog and your dog is being reactive on a leash. You give a quick pop of that choke chain and (if) that dog is looking at another dog, this is the moment your dog can become fearful.

In a dogs mind they seen that dog right at the moment that choke chain was popped which created pain and that dog will associates pain to that dog.

I ask that everyone searches for a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and ask for credentials. Ask them for proof and if they have have any continuing education ? There are no regulations on dog trainers in the United States, so anyone can call themselves a dog trainer.

"Pit Bull" Terrier type dogs deserve to be in a Reward-Based type training too. You can be the owner you want to be.

© 2019 Mecca's Pit Bull Rescue

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