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Brooklyn The Senior Dog

I handle Brooklyn every day and each day I tell her, someone will be interested in adopting her. She don't ask for much, just good interaction with people.

I look at her and still wonder why anyone would just not want her. I keep encouraging the best I can. I talk to her and give her good soft strokes over back, and tell her she is a good girl.

Rescued dogs generally have a history and all we know about her, was being kicked out of town because of her looks. She had been on Craigslist in January, 2020.

She is in Mecca's Pit Bull Rescue and we will continue being a voice for her. She might be older but look at the great things about her. She is house trained, takes treats really nice, is gentle and once in a while she does take a little run in the yard.

We hope someone will adopt her, she really deserves to be in a home.

We are unsure of her age but she we know she is gentle and would make a great dog for someone who is not energetic.

She loves just hanging out and being social with people.

To adopt Brooklyn email

All applications must be filled out completely


We have no idea about all her past, it's a mystery. We do know, she is a gentle dog.

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