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Dog Bite Prevention: How You Can Make A Difference

As a certified dog trainer and my involvement with rescue dogs too. I am very aware of dog bites and concerns.

Any breed of dog can bite and any bite can bring pain. I come across situations where a dog has bitten someone and with my experience it's not just "Pit Bull" Terrier type dogs.

I have handed out material and had discussions about dog bite prevention. I do this because I care. Why do I care? Because bites cause bite history records for the dog. Once a dog bites and it requires medical attention, there will be a report made and a quarantine. This is not a good experience for most owners. A heaviness looms over them.

When a dog bites a neighbor or a guest there will be worry. As a trainer I am involved with many dog discussions. People might think it is just a "Pit Bull" that can cause damage but it's not true. Dog bites come from many breeds.

You can make a difference in preventing dog bites.

> Use good management

• Stay outside with your dog

• Fencing and use supervision

• Use a large crate or build a run

• Use a tie out

100% supervision is so valuable and you could prevent a dog bite. You may be wondering how supervision is going to help. When you are supervising your dog, you have all the opportunity to interrupt or stop a behavior from happening.

If you are someone who has a dog that will bolt out a door and get loose. You know this is going to happen. Train your dog an alternative behavior. A good example is "Place" so the dog knows to stay there while the door is being opened. You can also use other management too. Tether the dog to a heavy object while you open the door or use a crate.

There are many ways to manage a dog from bolting out a door.

Sadly I hear about kids getting bit. This is another one that can be managed too.

> 100 % Supervision with all interactions between kids and the dog

You might think that is impossible but really it's not. I will use a good example and this one is with a toddler. You know you are busy and rushing to get supper started. The dog is excited and the toddler is getting around. This is a responsibility for both toddler and the dog. You love both of them.

This is a good time to put the toddler in a high chair in view give the toddler something to do and the dog can go to a bed in view and give the dog something to chew on. Just look at you! You have both in view and 100% supervision is going on. This can prevent dog bites.

There really are ways to prevent dog bites. How committed are you in preventing them? That is so important!

There are warning signs that a dog is feeling stressed and many times it is overlooked.


> Yawning

> Licking lips

> Avoiding eye contact

Dog's do warn us when they are not comfortable.

You may not think as air snapping as a warning but it is . There are levels to dog bites and I would be happy to sit down and talk to you about Dog Bite Prevention.

When a dog growls, listen but don't punish. Seek help from a certified dog trainer now and don't wait. The problem with only get worse. Always remember a dog that rehearses becomes better.

I offer sessions at $40.00 for a full hour of talking about dog bite prevention. To learn more your can make contact at we can connect set up a time and I also offer virtual now too. So you choose how you would like to connect. You can pay by PayPal or Square.

Are you ready to step up and prevent dog bites and save your dogs life?

Mecca Curtice, CCDT, CTDI

Behavior Specialist

Certified Dog Bite Prevention Educator

Sheboygan, WI.

© 2020 Mecca's Pit Bull Rescue

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