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Get Out Of Town Dog: Brooklyn

It is true, a dog the estimated age of 10 years had to get out of a town in Wisconsin. She looks like a "Pit Bull" of course Mecca's Pit Bull Rescue does not go by looks to determine if a dog is a public safety hazard.

There is so much more to a dog than looks. I often wonder when will the fear end? How long can this go on? I have researched history on many breeds of dogs and I often wonder why people continue to only find the bad. The bad that man created many years ago. How it is that people don't see more?

I assess dogs that come into rescue and no matter what they look like, I do what is right. I give them a chance.

Fear is an emotion and it can be overcome. I have had my own fears and I took them on, by challenging myself to overcome.

Brooklyn came into rescue because she was kicked out of town. I have assessed her and have not found nothing to deem her as dangerous. Not even her looks!

I begin by sitting on a chair and I wait to see if she wants to interact with me. The result was she walked to me and put her head on me. She wanted more interaction.

I test for body handling and this is where I touch her body, I apply a 3 second pressure hold and release this would be her tail, body, paw and any part I can touch. The results were a pass she did not mind me doing this.

I then did a bowl test and still no problem with this. I did a dog to dog greet and again a pass.

She could have been killed because of her looks. Is this really the way to judge a dog? Is this really any way to judge anything? Never judge a book by it's cover. This can be used in many ways in our lives.

I was invited to talk about a dog from rescue. I began going to a public school in 2019 to talk about dog bite prevention to help children become more knowledgeable. Children need to be educated on what not to do, and what it is okay. If we don't educate children about something then they will never know. They too deserve the opportunity to learn about interactions with dogs.

I chose Brooklyn to be my dog for demonstration and she did great. I even allowed her to walk around off leash. She did a great job!!

The hate and fear needs to end!

You can do your part by training and socializing your dog.


To help more dogs like Brooklyn donate at or and

© 2020 Mecca's Pit Bull Rescue, Sheboygan, WI.

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