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The Adventures With Rufus

Rescue is challenging and adventurous. I never know exactly what will actually be coming in. A dog that is listed to be euthanized and I reach out to save one more life.

Rufus failed his food bowl test. I was willing to pull him and work with him. After driving several hours to get him, I got him into rescue and let let him decompress.

I pulled out my fake hand and touched the bowl. He never growled and I pulled it away from him towards me and still nothing. I touched his back side where he failed his test, before he came into rescue. He looked back but did not growl. I continued testing him over and over it was test fifty when I finally said he does not have aggression around his bowl.

Here I had a dog that was a stray wondering around on the streets and no one claimed. He is a rich beautiful chocolate brown. Skittish and just needed training.

I continued working with him and discovered this dog was skittish. Rufus was an adventure while he was in rescue. He learned basic obedience and I watch him change. He would do laps around the yard and loved to play in the wading pool.

Another young dog with no training until he entered Mecca's Pit Bull Rescue. He finally started learning new skills and earned his nickname of Rufus McGoofus. He was in rescue for a few months and such a fun dog to be around

We will never forget his favorite activity was taking a dip in the wading pool.

You may wonder how you can help dogs in this rescue and know you are helping a dog become a better dog.

Now is the time to find out more about the rescue by checking us out at or You can donate by finding the rescue and click the donate button on either one of them.

One more rescue, one more life saved. Now adopted and living a life he deserves. Way to go Rufus you deserved this chance.

Your donation helps with food, medical, treats and other items needed to help the dogs.

© 2020 Mecca's Pit Bull Rescue

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