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The Labeling Of A Dog: Many Labeled A Pitbull

Have you ever wondered what is really in a dog? Over the past 20 years, I have looked at dogs, I am a person who thinks about what is really under the skin of a dog. The DNA in a dog can really open up what a dog is. Sometimes there are few breeds in one dog.

Much of the labeling is by looks. The dog has a big head, short hair and stocky. It's labeled a Pitbull or a dog might look like it has Boxer in it so it is labeled Boxer/Pitbull mix. The dog is labeled a Pitbull and I take the DNA and find out it is an American Bulldog/American Staffordshire Terrier mix.

The dog above is a good example of a dog labeled a Pitbull. He is a mix of American Staffordshire Terrier/American Bulldog/Chow Chow/ Labrador Retriever. That is quite an interesting mix when you think you about it.

Below is another good example of a dog labeled a Pitbull and when I got his DNA results I had to smile. He has Bullmastiff in him.

Odin above is a mix of American Staffordshire Terrier/ Bullmastiff. He spent 19 months in rescue as I worked, to find him the correct home. He is an amazing dog and as I trained him, he become one the most obedient dogs. That is a long time for one dog to spend in rescue but I enjoyed being his personal trainer and learning more about him everyday.

The above dog came in labeled a Pitbull and I quickly took his DNA sample. He is a mix of American Staffordshire Terrier/ Bulldog.

A few more dogs labeled a Pitbull and I hope this helps you. It is a look and a label.

I handled every one of these dogs and worked with them, to help them become better. Each one of them was different. Some had body handling problems, while others did not and just needed to get basic training started.

When I talk about body handling I am speaking of a dog who just don't know what human touch is. They are scared of being touched.

Dog's do what they know works best. If I snap at them, they will back off. I watch dog's very closely when working with them. How slow do I really need to go?

Many times the dogs just don't know what to do. Take a dog that has been caged so much that just don't know what being handled really is. There really is a lot to think about when working with dogs. It is more than just saying the dog is acting aggressive when in a crate or the dog don't like being handled.

The next time you hear Pitbull, I hope you have learned something from this. They really can be great dogs.

If everyone who is a guardian of a dog labeled a Pitbull, would take time to train and help their dog become a better dog. Maybe someday the hate will stop.

Things you do now will make a change in your dog.

What have you done with your dog today?

© 2020 Mecca's Pit Bull Rescue

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