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The "Pit Bull"

The label of "Pit Bull" it happens because the dog is being looked at and people are trying to figure out what breed it is. To an untrained eye and someone who never looks at different breeds of dogs this could become a problem.

Are you one of those people who wonder? When you look at your new rescued dog and ask what is really under the skin of my dog? What DNA does my dog have? Something attracted you to that dog.

As a rescue I have dogs that come into rescue and see something different. Something a little different. I see the American Staffordshire Terrier but there is something else different.

As a Certified Dog Trainer I am to look at a dog and do my best at identifying the breed. I train dogs that are German Shephard, Hound dog mixes, Rottweiler and so many other breeds of dogs.

I have come across dogs labeled "Pit Bull" and took a DNA sample on them and discovered there were many other breeds in that dog. This can be amazing!

Over the years I have handled many dogs labeled "Pit Bull" so many with different character and temperament. I have seen dogs that were simply a couch potato kind of a dog and then on the other hand a dog who needed to be interactive every day and get out with the owner. Every dog is different and every dog needs training.

I hope someday people will see that a dog can be looked at and labeled a "Pit Bull' because it might have been difficult to identify the breed of dog, which could have been several mixes thereof. Never judge a dog by it's look, there are many good dog's out there that are being overlooked simply because of a look or a label.

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