Hello I am Harleigh and I am looking for my forever home. I am a 3 year old female dog.

I am spayed and microchipped. I have a few vaccinations too. 

I am a unique dog! There were 17 breeds detected in me.  I am a large dog and I weigh 71 pounds.  I am an American Staffordshire Terrier / mix . My brindle coat is beautiful and medium in length. 

You may wonder how did a beautiful girl like me end up in a rescue, here is my story.

I lived with a single man with his son was 16 years old. I loved them very much and one day the landlord saw me outside and dogs are allowed there. But because of my looks I had to go.  I ended up here because of my looks.   MY LOOKS OF ALL THINGS!!

I am in the rescues training program and learning new skills. My training is provided by Mecca's All Breed Dog Training, LLC.  I love this training because it is positive reinforcement. 

I have a full yard to play ball in and would prefer to have a yard with a fence so I can play ball with you too. 

No young children because I can knock over young children. I get excited when I see people I love. 

My adoption fee is $400.00 I can only be adopted in the state of Wisconsin. 

Contact meccaspitbullrescue@gmail.com for an application. 

We do background checks and home checks. 

Brooklyn 8920202.jpg
Brooklyn 8920201.jpg

Hi I am Brooklyn and I am estimated 11 years old. 

I have been in rescue for 2 years now

I am looking for a family who likes to cuddle and lounge with me. I am a very low energy dog just looking for someone to love me.

Don't over look me because of my age. 

I have some arthritis in my left rear leg and have the beginning of cataracts.

No other dogs please! There are days I don't feel well and don't want to be bothered by other dogs. 

I once was on craigslist and now into rescue hoping someone will let me live to the end of my years. 

You can also find me on PetFinder or contact meccaspitbullrescue@gmail.com for an application. 

Can only be adopted in the State of Wiscoinsin.