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             Mecca's Pit Bull Rescue Opposes Breed Specific Legislation

We appose any law that deems a dog as dangerous or vicious based upon appearance  or breed. As a Professional Dog Trainer, Mecca Curtice understands that canine temperaments can vary and no behavior can be determined by looks alone. No body size, head shape , muscle tone or length of hair can determine the behavior of a dog. The behavior of a dog is a behavior. No dog should be judged by looks alone.

As a Dog Bite Safety Educator I understand that any dog has the ability to bite. Dog Bite Prevention is very important to get into the general public and in to get into schools to help better educate against dog bites. Children are the most likely to receive bites in a home.   We will continue to educate the public through education. This rescue understands any breed of dog has the ability to bite, it is not breed specific.

Singling out and demonizing certain breeds of dogs is unfair and discriminating. 

Breed Specific Legislation gives the public a false sense of safety. This rescue knows that every owner of any breed of dog needs to be responsible and train their dog no matter what breed of dog it is . 

Every dog deserves to be evaluated upon its own individual basis and not by looks alone. 

                                         Breed Specific Legislation is wrong!!

                                                  It is a people problem!


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