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Hello and we are happy you are reading this. I have thirty plus years experience with dogs labeled Pit Bulls and yes I have experience with other breeds as well. This rescue was founded in 2010, but advocating for those dogs labeled Pit Bulls has been much longer. 

We believe those dogs labeled Pit Bulls do deserve a chance.  When you look over this website you will see we have a positive voice to help them. 

In May 2018 I took it upon myself to become more involved in Dog Bite Prevention. You may ask why? The answer is we are sick of some people assuming it is a Pit Bull -type dog that did a bite.  We believe in taking active action to help make change. So I did earn a level of Dog Bite Safety Educator, we do have educational material to help the public from Adults to Children. We have resources that even a child can relate to. It is the responsibility of every owner to supervise their dog or dogs outside. Owners must supervise interactions between dogs and children.

We encourage everyone who is around any breed of dog to get involved . Let us all have safe practices with dogs and children. Dog bites are very preventable.

Dogs are individuals and owners need to respect this. All of us humans are individuals and they are too.

We believe in promoting the integrity of the dogs. I have trained numerous Pit Bull- Type dogs and found them to be very loyal and very trainable. 



Pit Bull is a general term used that can refer to a number of breeds that would include the American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier and they are judged by head size, body size and so much .

Any breed of dog can bite from a small breed to very large. I am not here to bring up stories I have read about. I am here to help make a difference using Dog Bite Prevention. So please watch for upcoming events and we will continue to add more tips to help others out there.


Before any dog bites there is a warning. Young children do not understand this and we must supervise. If we can just continue to get more people more knowledgeable. We can bring down dogs bites. A dogs body language speaks to us and we all need to understand this.

We know from reading the history, that back in the early 1800's  these type of dogs were used for catching rats. We also know the dogs  were used for bull-baiting dogs.  When this become illegal , people started cross breeding and then using the dogs for dog fighting purposes.  In 1835 dog fighting was banned.  Only the (select dogs) were chosen for the purpose of dog fighting. If you think you see dog fighting in your area, please contact your authorities . We must keep these dogs out of the wrong hands.


We believe some people are much at fault for what has happened to the reputation of the dogs. So now only people today can bring back the dogs reputation. Pit Bulls do not lock their jaws. You can ask an experienced person or ask your veterinarian .We love dogs from small to big and we want to help people. 

We hope you get to know us! There is a lot ahead and you can help us. If you have any questions please contact Mecca at  Watch for upcoming events!

We believe in education and everyone should read about the dog breeds they own. 

Any questions please contact Mecca at 

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