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Pit Bull is a Generic Term , it is not a breed. It is used to describe dogs with similar traits and characteristics often known to the public as Pit Bulls. There are many dogs who fall into this category. The head shape size and body size are often used to label the dogs.

American Staffordshire Terrier, American Pitbull Terrier and Staffordshire Terrier . You can make a difference in dogs lives who have wrongfully been given a bad rap over the past years. 

Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) is wrong and it cost tax payors a lot of money to operate. It can run into millions of dollars. It does not make communities safer  there are no studies showing this. It does not stop dog bites.  The Netherlands lifted their ban on Pit Bulls in 2008 because it had not led to a reduction in dog bites.  It fails to address the real issues behind dog bites. Children are often the victims of dog bites. Children should be supervised around pets. 

 2010 Gardendale, Alabama, placed a ban on Pit Bulls in 2019 the ban was lifted on Pit Bulls.  The Society says this helps to keep pets and families together. 

Breed Discriminatory Legislation (BDL)  refers to laws that target dogs based on how they look.  There are cities  and counties that enact BDL because of a dogs looks rather than their behavior. Deeming dogs as "vicious" or "dangerous" is wrong. Owners of these types of targeted breeds  may be required to put a muzzle  on their dog while on a leash.  BDL can have strict guidelines such as proof of high liability insurance, sterilization of a dog and go as far as to determining the size of kennel with certain flooring and roof. 

There are many mixes of dogs in the United States and it can be difficult to determine what they really are.  Pit Bull refers to a type of dog, not a breed. DNA test can be expensive, this can lead to dogs being misidentified and under BDL can lead to innocent dogs being seized and euthanized. 

BDL  is wrong and affects law abiding owners to choose to surrender the dog or move. A family should not have to make a choice like that. BDL can lead to lawsuits, it violates owners constituational rights. No dog should be deemed as "vicious" or "dangerous".

I oppose of Breed Specific Legislation, it hurts law abiding owners and kills innocent dogs lives.  Never think you will never be affected by this. This is why every dog owner should say NO TO BSL.

Dogs that are banned or resticted list in the United States (75 )    There are more!

• Air Dale Terrier • Akbash • Akita • Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog • Alaskan Malamute • Alsatian Shepherd • American Bulldog • American Husky • American Pit Bull Terrier •  Amercian Staffordshire Terrier • American Wolfe Dog • Anatolian Shepherd • Belgian Malinois • Belgian Sheepdog • Belgian Turvuren • Blue Heeler • Boerbul • Borzoi • Boston Terrier • Bouvier des Flandres • Boxer • Bulldog • Bull Terrier • Bull Mastiff • Cane Corso • Catahoula Leopard Dog • Caucasian Shepherd • Chinese Shar Pei • Chow Chow • Colorado Dog • Dober Pinscher • Dogo de Argentino •

Dogue de Bordeaux • English Mastiffs • English Springer Spaniel • Eskimo Dog • Estrela Mountain Dog • Fila Brasileiro •  Fox Terrier •  French Bulldog •  German Shephard Dog • Golden Retriever • Greenland Huscky • Great Dane • Great Pyrenees •  Italian Mastiff • Kangal Dog • Keeshond • Komondor • Kotezebue Husky • Kuvaz • Labrador Retriver • Leonberger • Mastiff • Neopolitan Mastiff •  Newfoundland • Otterhound • Preso de Canario •  Presa de Mallorquin •  Pug • Rottwieler • Saarrloos Wolfhond •  Saint Benard • Samoyed •  Scottish Deerhound • Siberian Husky •  Spanish Mastiff •  Staffordshire Bull Terrier •  Timber Shepherd • Toso Inu •  Tundra Shepherd •  Wolfe Spitz 


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