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Looking Through a Dogs Eyes: The Abandoned

The abandoned dog, did you ever think about what the dog might have been through. As a dog trainer and rescue, I do often look through their eyes and observe what are they fearful of. The dog may not be afraid, but everything is so new to the dog. The first time for the dog entering into a new home. The dog has been in a shelter for a few months and sometimes for years.

Rescued dogs are very interesting and they need a chance to decompress. It might be for the next three days of entering the home. It could be a little longer, every dog is different, and you need to be observant of how the dog is responding to certain situations.

As I work with rescued dogs it's important that I understand the behavior if the dog is shy it will depend on the dog for how long behavior modification will take. This could take a month or a year. I know to never rush a dog into anything.

Another good example is a dog who jumps everywhere on countertops, on people and other objects. This can be frustrating for owners, and it can seem overwhelming. The best thing to do is step back and take a deep breath and look through the eyes of the dog. The dog you may have just adopted may never had any training and does not know that is an undesirable behavior. The first few days a new dog is in rescue I always have a leash or a longline on the dog. You don't have to be pushing with your hands. The best thing you can do is not let the dog practice the behavior.

Many dogs are surrendered to shelters and rescues because of behavior problems. Problems that could have been helped by contacting a certified dog trainer.

It takes time for a dog to just get into a routine and finally feeling like they are now home.

As a rescue and foster I have done these enough times to understand that each dog is different. One dog may be very outgoing and is very observant and wants to check everything out, another dog may be quite different and needs more time and that is okay with me. I would rather set a dog up to be successful than to watch a dog fail again. They have been failed once and you found the dog in a rescue or shelter. It's time to be committed.

When the time comes, you have chosen to adopt a new dog look through the dog's eyes. This is for any breed of dog! You also need to understand your dog and meet their needs too. Daily enrichment and mind stimulation are important.

Don't rush your dog and set your dog up for success! The dog needs your help.

Blossom the abandoned stray dog. Her tail is tucked her ears slightly back. She doesn't like conflict. She can be very cuddling and fun to be with. Now it's time to help her with other problems. Someone failed her and I will do my best to find her the correct home.

Mecca's Pit Bull Rescue

Sheboygan, WI.

© 2022 Mecca Curtice

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