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The Passing of Brooklyn

In July 2020 we had a call to help with a dog. Her name was Brooklyn and she had been on Craigslist. She could not stay in the town where she was. Brooklyn was not a dangerous dog. We knew she was older, so we made an estimated guess at her age. We got her into the veterinarian and found out she had cataracts and arthritis. She was put on medication, and we gave it to her daily. The medication was helping, and she stopped stumbling.

We continued to try and find her a home, one that would be hers until the end.

In September 2022 her life began to change. Arthritis was all over her body now and we noticed it. The next thing that happened was her blindness. Now she was walking into doors, and we had to guide her around.

I had to make one of those hard and dreaded calls to the veterinarian. Doing my best to keep myself pulled together because I knew this was the best option for her. Euthanizing a dog is one of the toughest things to go through.

The time she spent with us she knew what love is and we did the best we could for her. She made a few dog friends. She loved people and lounging around with us. We miss her running around the yard and her goofy run towards us when we called her to come.

I will never know why she was on Craigslist or why anyone would give her up for free.

We did our best for Brooklyn and she will always be remembered.

Please remember to continue donating to Mecca's Pit Bull Rescue this helps us to save another life.

Brookly the senior dog RIP September 2022

© 2020 Mecca's Pit Bull Rescue

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