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That One Question, What Do I Do?

As I have wrote before I am not certified in training or behavioral . I am only an experienced person with close to thirty years experience.

I have been asked over the years about situations with a dog or dogs.

Just recently I was asked about dog and what to do? It was brought to my attention that another dog had attacked a dog through the fence and almost ripped the ones dogs nose off.

The dog who was injured had to received medical care. I learned the dog was very young of age a puppy around five months old. This other dog had actually killed his owner brother.

This just makes me sick!!! Because I later find out the owner is a NOT A WINNER!!

I asked more questions, as to how long ago this had happened?

I asked more questions about the other dog who had attacked the puppy. I kept asking questions and found that the other owner of the dog who did attack the puppy through the fence was not a real winner.

I did suggest teaching the pup a strong a leave it command. Along with other suggestions of try weaving material between the openings of the chain link fence to create more privacy and blind spots. Then to somehow use cable wire or something to use at the bottom of the fence to make it more secure.

I basically found out the owner of the dog that is out of control and not being supervised. Is one of those people who DO NOT CARE about the Breeds labeled Pit Bulls. YES A BAD OWNER!!

We as owners of Dogs labeled Pit Bulls should care. We should be supervising our dog or dogs when they are outside. We as owners never know what other mean people could be thinking about or doing. Dog theft is high in areas throughout the United States of America.

There are going to be situations that are out of our hands. But we can make a difference by supervising our dog or dogs when they are outside. Training them to be at their very best.

We owners who have dogs labeled Pit Bulls must be better than the rest. We must overcome the hate. We must overcome the ignorance.

Let us all be strong! Let us all be at our best!! Our dogs are a reflection of us all.

Thank you for reading and until next time.

Mecca Curtice

Mecca's Pit Bull Rescue A Voice For Those With No Voice and No Choice

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