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Dog Bites are Preventable

I have always taken dog bite prevention seriously. I noticed over the years, there are those few people out there who always assume it was a dog labeled a Pit Bull. I am just amazed how some just assume that.

I am just one of those people who will actively do something to make change. In May of 2018 I took it upon myself to help bring educational material into the public hands. I earned a level of Dog Bite Safety Educator and the recourses are available. There will be future events and for every person who is willing to become more educated this helps to bring down dog bites in our community.

Every dog gives a warning sign before a bite even happens. It is our responsibility to know and understand a dogs body language. Every dog owner should know this and it does not matter what type of breed it is. That growl is a warning, the mouth snarling is also a warning. There are other body languages too.

Every dog is an individual and we must all understand this. Warning signs do not make a dog bad. As I have said before in previous videos, there are things happening before a dog acts out and leads to a bite. If a dog has a fear of motorcycles, that is a trigger for a bite. The dog owner should take the dog away from what the dog fears. If a dog is afraid of motorcycles and trash trucks now you have two types of triggers. The motorcycle and trash truck and as an owner that dog needs to get out of this situation.

Dogs do need to be socialized starting at a very young age. The moment a puppy comes into this world it begins a new life. Those next twelve weeks is a time of Critical Socialization and they learn so much at this time in their new lives.

I hope by bringing in Dog Bite Prevention I can help others out there. We do care about people and dogs.

I hope you watch this video as we help to make changes.

As owners of dogs we must all supervise interactions between children and dogs. Young children are learning a new life too. When a child is bitten, I always ask where was the adult?

You can reach me at meccaspitbullrescue@gmail I cannot force anyone to anything. Everyone must be willing to accept and learn. Together we can build a stronger community by preventing dog bites.

Thank you for visiting my blog and hope you have a wonderful day.

Mecca Curtice, President

Mecca's Pit Bull Rescue

CDT in Progress

Dog Bite Safety Educator

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