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Dogs Really Do Not Like Hugs

Most people who keep up with my blogs know, I am becoming a Certified Dog Trainer. I am also doing everything I can to help in Dog Bite Prevention. Anyone reading this most likely has a dog or the person is just curious.

My studies involve a lot of reading and understanding a dogs body language. This is something I have been doing for years. If I have a question it is natural for me to go seek out an answer. The only way a person can help themselves is by reading and acting upon their new knowledge.

I don't want you getting all mad, when I say dogs really don't like hugs. We are humans and we cannot expect Canis lupus familiaris (Dog) to be like us. As people we show our love through hugs. We hug a friend, our spouses and we show our love and kindness through this action. No dog stands on its hind legs and hugs another. A dog really does not like hugs. You may be reading this and saying WHAT?? If you are hugging your dog she or he might tolerate this behavior from you. Notice I said TOLERATE the behavior, but this is really not a safe behavior . As owners the dogs we own they know who gets that tasty treat from the refrigerator. So all I can ask is to please be aware of what behaviors are being done around dogs. Our behaviors are so very important. Some dogs just see this as being down right rude.

This is where the Dog Bite Prevention also comes in. Children do not know that the family dog or any dog really does not like hugs. I have seen children under the age of five and how they want to grab the dog and just hug them. Children do not know that being on the back of a dog is not acceptable either. That is why we as adults must supervise interactions between dogs and children. From my own experience years ago. A young girl with running up to one of my female dogs. I understand the young girl who was about four years old was excited to see my dog. The girl had on a spinning top thing on her head. She had on some kind of gear that looked like wings and it was just moving all about. The young girl was just jumping about and her little girly screaming she was doing. It terrified my dog, I had to remove my dog from this situation. I seen the warning signs and did what was my responsibility, get the dog out of this situation.

Here is a link

You can do your own research and find that dogs do not like being in a tight hug.

We can all prevent dogs bites so please try to become more knowledgeable.

We must watch our behaviors around dogs. We as owners must be able to observe our dogs body language.

I once had the same dog in for a checkup at the Veterinarians office. This woman walks in and she sees my dog and was just so cheerful. She declared out loud OMG!! She is so adorable!! The next split seconds she was right on top of my dog. Nothing happened because my dog tolerated that hug. There was no hand smelling or anything, the woman was just that quick.

My message to everyone is to please think before you act. Your actions can prevent a bite.

When I was in the medical field, I was trained the Universal Code, always assume anyone can be contagious. It is basically the same concept, never assume a dog will not bite.

If we all use good behavior around dogs and do things right, dog bites can be prevented.

Our knowledge of a dogs body language is so important.

Mecca Curtice, President, Owner, Founder

Mecca's Pit Bull Rescue

Certified Dog Trainer in Progress

Dog Bite Safety Educator

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