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When I Met The Families First Am Staff

My love and understanding started in 1987 when our family got this dog and his name was Stubby. We lived in a rural area and Stubby just loved being outside with us. He could play for hours.

I remember a lady that always walked by our house and Stubby would always just go walking with her. He would come back home when she made her rounds. These walks with the lady went on for about three years. Then one day her son seen her walking with Stubby. Her son asked her if she knew what she was walking with? He told her a Pit Bull, from that day on that changed with the walks. Because of what her son said, destroyed the walks that had been happening. Stubby done nothing wrong and she stopped walking with him.

This is very true and it shows how people can be so small minded over words. I was young then and so puzzled at how things had changed.

My love for them never did change. It was later in years when appeared to me more hate and misunderstanding was everywhere. In the year 2000 I got my first computer. That is when I was so aware with everything online.

Over thirty years later I am still loving them.

Me with my three

I have always had rescued dogs. I have no regrets but I have had tears from the abuse I have seen. Some people can be so cruel. The dogs know the camera is on them. There are so many reasons why I tell people to please try to read a dogs body language.

I stand strongly to help change minds. Every dog is an individual and most definitely different.

I don't care what breed of dog you get. You as an owner must know their history. Dogs are amazing and we can live full lives with them.

There is an estimated 3.5 Million Pit Bull- Type dogs living with families and they are loved.

Never be afraid to ask an experienced person for help.

Thank you for reading my blogs and you can always contact me at

Mecca Curtice, President, Owner, Founder

Mecca's Pit Bull Rescue

Certified Dog Trainer (in Progress) A Voice for Those with No Voice and No Choice

Dog Bite Safety Educator

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