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  • Mecca Curtice

Breed Discrimination

I have never believed in breed discrimination. I just cannot believe how it is very much like being a racist. I often wonder when people will realize dogs of every breed are individuals. Any breed of dog should be judged on behavior and not by looks. I rescue Pit Bull- Terrier type dogs and I have found each one different.

A dog's breed cannot often be determined visually. Professionals even have difficulty determining a breed. I have rescued dogs and found through DNA test there was a real mix thereof. DNA test are amazing and I do think people should do this test if they ever wonder what really is in their dog.

I really believe the hate of certain breeds is enhanced by the media. If one specific breed of dog bites or attacks another human or dog that is not a Pit Bull-Type dog the news stays in the local area. But I have noticed over the years how the media will enhance the news if a dog is suppose to be a Pit Bull. The news is not just local but every news station knows about it and it is news on the East and West Coast. This type of news really creates problems for good owners everywhere.

Breed - Discriminatory laws are expensive for communities to operate and they waste a lot of tax payers money. I also believe they are unconstitutional, no one should have the right to tell us what breed of dog we can own. Dogs are very much our property.

We should always say no to Breed Specific Legislation. No one should have the right to take away our rights or privileges.

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