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Mecca's Pit Bull Rescue Gold Seal

Beginning of 2019, I am very pleased that Mecca's Pit Bull Rescue, Sheboygan, WI. has achieved this Gold Seal and we will continue moving forward.

The year of 2018 was a challenge, yet rewarding and the rescue has a lot going on for it.

This rescue believes every dog that comes in deserves a second chance and the dogs do deserve to be evaluated on its own individual basis.

We foster the dogs, train them and they are observed so we know a lot about them. Our highest expense is the spay/neuter and microchip. The training the dogs receive is from my past thirty years experience with dogs and my current studies. Anyone who knows me, understands I never stop learning.

We as a rescue team want to thank everyone who has been supportive of our efforts. Without donors and people participating in fundraisers this would be even more difficult.

We cannot thank you enough for being there for Mecca's Pit Bull Rescue .

Thank your to everyone who has been a support !!!


Mecca Curtice, President/Founder

Mecca's Pit Bull Rescue

Mecca's All Breed Dog Training, LLC

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