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Living With Dog's Labeled "Pit Bull"

My days of living with a dog labeled a "Pit Bull" was way over 20 years ago. I remember a family dog and we lived in a rural area then. That was about 35 years ago and I will never forget how he enjoyed being outside and being with the family.

I became very aware of the fear in the year of 2000 when I first purchased a computer. I heard people I worked with say some terrible things about them. I heard it, I shook my head and went about my business. Yet, twenty years later the fear continues.

Technology come on the rise and news come in quickly with a computer. I remember hearing the sound of the computer connecting with a noise.

I have always understood that every dog needed training. That all started with housetraining and then doing some basic skills.

The fear of these dogs was most noticed by me in 2000. I am a person who is involved in surviving life, going to work and making ends meet.

The definition of Fear, an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.

Fearing a dog that is acting aggressively, I definitely understand to stay away or ignore. Even when I was a young girl I understood this. I was around many breeds of dog's and there were some dogs that I would not want to be around. These dogs run loose all the time and were never really socialized. So did these dog's really don't know how to be around quest when they arrived. No, they did not!

I am not one to believe everything I hear, because there are so many details missing. I can't be the only one who think's there is more to this story.

Years back there was an incident in Milwaukee where dog's labeled "Pit Bulls" got out of the fenced yard. It was reported they were running and lunging. They were shot and the story was all about the "Pit Bulls" that were loose.

I had many thoughts and questions running through my mind. Were these dog's being supervised while they were in the backyard? Most likely not or getting loose could have been prevented. Were these dog's ever socialized? Was there any training at all?

When dogs get loose from a yard they are running free and if there is no owner around to recall them from getting into trouble, it can happen. I have encountered dogs loose while walking my own dog.

The fear and hate continues on and haters will continue to spread fear. Fear is an emotion and anyone can create fear. Imagine if you had a fear of snakes and I handed you a box without mentioning what was in the box, then after handing you the box, telling you there is a snake in the box. The fact is, the box is empty but I created fear because I told you there is a snake in the box.

Think about reports before coming to a conclusion. There is so much information missing and the full truth will never be known.

Just remember there are many dogs labeled "Pit Bull" that are living good lives and are good dogs. There are many of them that are trained well.

A few bad reports does not make them all bad monsters, as some would like for you to believe.

© 2020 Mecca's Pit Bull Rescue

The above dog is labeled a "Pit Bull" but she is a mix.

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